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Engaging storytelling
forms the basis of
meaningful connection.

I am a resourceful writer, researcher & all-around creative with over a decade of combined experience in scholarly publication and art criticism. I am passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. My background encompasses all things photography, from exhibiting as a photographic media artist to teaching, curating, and working in the archives of two photography museums. I created and taught a class titled Robot Love: Decoding Gender & Race in Technology. One supervisor described me as “good in the weeds” with my ability to adapt to new situations, creatively deploy resources, and learn on the fly.

With a PhD in visual and cultural studies, I have extensive expertise in research and writing. I am adept at code-switching to translate information into non-specialist language tailored to specific audiences, and I can quickly identify salient points from disparate sources to create innovative and insightful connections

I am insatiably curious. My dissertation investigates the relationship of photographic media to the history of psychiatry and neurology. Through an interdisciplinary lens, I bring together these seemingly separate histories to reveal their surprising and previously unseen, mutual influences. In other words, I take disparate qualitative data and tell a new story.


Public Speaking
Film & Digital Photography

I seek the opportunity to leverage my unique skills and talents in a dynamic environment that fosters an inclusive culture of respect, celebrates diversity and creativity, and champions personal and professional growth.

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